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Trading & Execution

We help our clients navigate the inherent complexity of US equity markets, providing customized trading and execution solutions tailored for professional trading desks.

We bring core competencies to the task, including electronic execution, order routing and algorithmic trading strategies, trading systems and technology, electronic trading risk control, portfolio risk management, and broker-dealer and hedge fund compliance.

Professional Trading Desk Services & Solutions

Delta One℠: Electronic Trading Expert Solution for US Equities

The Delta One℠ Expert Solution is a comprehensive US equities trading and execution offering for broker-dealers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading groups.

Our solution is provided as a consulting services package that is customized for each client. We aim to enhance trade desk performance by providing our clients with a cost-effective option for resourcing trading and execution functions.

Electronic Execution

  • Execution Strategy and Routing Vendor Selection
  • Custom Route Design and Implementation
  • Order Flow Arrangement Negotiation and Optimization
  • Customized Algorithmic Trading Strategies
  • Market Making/Internalization Strategies

Execution Metrics and Performance

  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Broker Routing Fee Structure Analysis
  • Low-Latency Adverse Trade Metrics
  • Toxic Venue Analysis
  • Trader Performance Assessments

Risk Management

  • Electronic Trading Risk Control Assessment
  • Electronic Trading Risk Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management Solutions
  • Electronic Trading Compliance Audits
  • Portfolio Manager Risk Control

Electronic Trading Technology

  • Market Data Solution Design
  • Hardware Selection and Network Design
  • Order Management Systems and Front-End Selection
  • Co-location and Sponsored Access Implementation
  • Custom Software Development

Operational Trade Desk Support

  • Hands on Client Service
  • Software Assistance
  • Order Entry Support
  • Transaction Services
  • Logistical Support

Regulatory and Compliance Monitoring

  • Market Abuse Detection and Escalation
  • Reg SHO, Reg NMS, WSP Compliance Monitoring
  • Exception Report Review
  • Trade Break Support and Reconciliation
  • Customer Surveillance Software Development

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Business Model Assessment & Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Structure Education/Training
  • Regulatory Risk Assessments
  • Accounting & Legal/Compliance Referrals
  • Expert Interviewing & Restructuring Assistance

Client Types

  • Prop Trading Firms
  • Hedge Funds
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Asset Managers
  • HFT Firms

Rates: The Delta One℠ Expert Solution is provided as a monthly service with rates starting as low as $5000 per month depending on level of service, staff allocated, and broker relationship.

For More Information:

To discuss how your financial institution leverage the Delta One℠ Expert Solution, please use our contact form, email us at, or call us at 203 359 2625. Inquiries are held in strict confidence.