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Systems Development

We provide full-lifecycle systems design, development, and deployment for the algorithmic trading needs of hedge funds, broker-dealers, and proprietary trading firms. Our core competencies include algorithmic execution, quantitative strategy, systematic trading, systems architecture, risk management, and compliance.

We can work with internal software development groups or leverage the development staff of our strategic partners depending on client preference. We also provide our clients the option of licensing our internally-developed software libraries and source code.

We are sensititive to the confidentiality needs of our clients and silo our development staff to keep access to confidential information on a need-to-know basis.


Application Development

  • Trading platform design
  • Extensible user interfaces
  • Distributed computing application frameworks/cloud migration
  • Parallelized applications
  • Relational database implementations

Electronic Trading Systems

  • Exchange order interfaces/FIX integration
  • Market data feeds
  • Order management systems
  • Electronic trading risk control
  • Real-time compliance

Quantitative Programming

  • Pricing and risk management
  • Portfolio risk management systems
  • Structured prediction algorithms
  • Numerical optimization and approximation algorithms
  • Proprietary model implementation

Systems Programming

  • Low latency middleware
  • Persistent data structures/high performance caching
  • Fault tolerance/recovery
  • Cluster computing and management
  • Data engineering


  • Designing colocation and proximity hosting deployments
  • Providing expert guidance for hardware selection and network architecture design
  • Conducting scalability analysis of application, messaging, and database software
  • Hardware acceleration for anaytical functions (FPGA, GPU)
  • Low-latency trading architecture (kernel bypass, TCP-IP offload)

Strategy Automation

  • Historical data backtesting environments
  • Database system architecture for backtesting
  • Audit and optimization of statistical trading models
  • Data filtering/preparation processes
  • Model stress testing

Rates: Systems design and development rates range from $150 per hour to $1,000 per hour depending on length of engagement and staff allocated. Please contact us for daily rates and project-based rate alternatives.

For More Information:

To discuss how we can help your financial institution leverage our expert domain knowledge and human capital, please use our contact form, email us at, or call us at 203 359 2625. Inquiries are held in strict confidence.