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Speaking Events

Haim Bodek's career and experiences, particularly those to do with his campaigning efforts in market structure regulatory reform are extensively profiled in the book Dark Pools, and in the film Wall Street Code and he is a regular speaker for major news outlets, industry conference, and private events. Haim Bodek embraces opportunities to increase market transparency by sharing his expertise and deep understanding of market structure with interested audiences.

Speaking Engagements

Haim Bodek is available for public speaking engagements as well as financial industry conferences. His presentations cover cutting-edge topics in US equities market structure as well as the latest high frequency trading controversies. Bodek will tailor his presentations to suit any audience, from industry insiders to laypeople. His signature dynamic speaking style always draws in attendees, and provides an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

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Bodek is also available for commentary on high frequency trading and market structure reform to general audiences, including in televised appearances.

HFT Debate With Haim Bodek and Manoj Narang
Reuters Inside

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Marije Meerman,
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Haim Bodek,
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Haim Bodek on Transparency of Order Types,
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Whistleblower: HFT is Predatory,
Haim Bodek & Scott Wapner,
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Rates: Speaking engagement rates are negotiable and are highly dependent on the event type.

Seminars, Training and Presentations

Haim Bodek is available to conduct prepackaged and custom seminars, training and presentations at your specified location. Our material is particularly suited for client-facing events.

Seminar on Electronic Liquidity Strategy (ELS)

This seminar provides an overview of Electronic Liquidity Strategy (ELS), a hybrid electronic trading approach for institutional investors that serves to assist in fulfilling best execution fiduciary duties in the heavily fragmented US electronic marketplace. Electronic Liquidity Strategy (ELS) leverages algorithmic trading strategies, order placement methods, and electronic market access mechanisms traditionally employed by short-term liquidity providers in order to achieve superior execution performance for institutional traders.

2 1/2 hours (two hour long sessions with half hour break)Haim BodekNegotiable

Seminar on Electronic Trading Systems

This seminar provides an overview of best practices for electronic trading systems design from a practioner's viewpoint. The four sessions are: Electronic Trading Risk Control, Electronic Liquidity Strategy, Trading Systems Design, and Low-Latency Infrastructure.
3 1/2 hours (four 45 minute sessions with half hour break)Haim BodekNegotiable

Rates: Seminar, training, and presentation rates are negotiable and are highly dependent on the event type.

For inquiries about Haim Bodek's availability for speaking engagements, please use our contact form, email us at, or call us at 203 359 2625. Inquiries are held in strict confidence.