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STA Portland

Topic: The Market Structure Crisis in the U.S. Securities Industry

Presenter: Haim Bodek

This presentation provides guidance relating to the current market structure crisis and potential regulatory risks and opportunities - with the emphasis on the continuing assault on high-frequency trading.

8/22-8/24TBDStevenson, WA

link: Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA, August 22-24, 2014

Chicago Quantitative Alliance

Topic: The Problem of HFT

Presenter: Haim Bodek

This presentation will illuminate the primary mechanisms through which HFTs have engaged in low-latency regulatory arbitrage. It will also address the question of what institutional investors can do about the "problem of HFT."


link: Chicago, IL, September 10-12, 2014

Global Derivatives USA

Topic: Inside the Black Box: An Insider's View on Market Structure & High Frequency Trading

Presenter: Haim Bodek

For ultra high frequency traders, speed was always necessary, but it was only a prerequisite - supercharged special order types were really the centerpoint of HFT "secret sauce" . This keynote presentation will explain how HFTs exploited order matching engine featues and special order type interaction to achieve artificial and unwarranted growth over the last five years. It will also provide a status update on what regulators are doing about the "Problem of HFT" and offer a prognosis for how the HFT industry might evolve in 2015.


link: Chicago, IL, November 20, 2014

Past Speaking Events

link: Past speaking events